Clorox 360 - Disinfecting Machine

In a time of much uncertainty in the world,  it is Elite H. Service’s job and responsibility to care for the health and cleanliness of your building. With COVID-19 it is important to disinfect areas thoroughly and reach all  places that may contain bacteria. 

Elite H. Service has taken the step of attaining the Clorox Total 360 system for our valued customers. This system uses a nozzle that charges the chemicals with electrostatic power that transfers the Clorox solution to completely cover any area and kill bacteria.

Attached below is a link that highlights the important difference between regular sprays and the Clorox 360 System that we have in place.

Please click here to view the video

 This system can be used for: office spaces, gyms, locker rooms, common areas, clubhouses, mailrooms, restrooms, etc. 

We care about your clients and employees' safety and want to minimize the spread of this virus as much as possible. The protection of your clients and employees are our priority as well. 


Please contact us to schedule an estimate in working towards a safer environment.