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H. Demma , Administrator

P. Blake , Administrator

S. Mahoney, Administrator

"We have had the pleasure to work with Elite Healthcare Services for 5 months now. Their professionalism, quality of work and dedication has exceeded my expectations on all levels. I personally noticed a change in the appearance and cleanliness of our facility almost immediately. The management team goes above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction including being available during our DPH annual survey. The whole team jumps in and assists during any infection control issues and demonstrates innovative ways to stop the spread of infection fast. Elite Healthcare Services is an asset to our team!"
"First impressions are what sells our services to potential residents. The most important first impression is that the resident sees a clean , well maintained, and odor free facility. Our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Residence has been working with Elite Healthcare Services for over (8) years. They provide both Housekeeping and Laundry services for us and have done this to perfection. The first thing that I hear from potential residents is " How clean the facility looks!"
The Elite staff are well trained and use the latest cleaning techniques. It is comforting that I can focus my attention on more pressing needs while knowing that my Housekeeping and Laundry Departments are well taken care of."
“I'm very pleased to recommend Elite Healthcare Service's Management team!
Izabel and her managers take the care of and cleanliness of our organization personally. They oversee our in-house staff, assuring that training and systems are maintained to support the highest level of cleanliness.
Izabel's team has integrated with our leadership group seamlessly. They provide solid cost-effective solutions, manage our budget and provide regular feedback to me as the administrator. 
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